From castles to yurts

So many great places to stay

So much to choose from

Places to stay in Pembrokeshire

From contemporary hotels, guesthouses or B&B’s, furnished with wonderful Pembrokeshire works of art.

Breakfasts made with the finest Pembrokeshire produce, Pembrokeshire offers a wide range of accommodation with options to suit every taste and budget!

The flexibility of a self-catering cottage or a caravan or campsite with a location that takes your breath away a stone’s throw from the sea might tempt you.

Such a beautiful idyllic place to holiday and I've been visiting every year since I was a child. Would definitely recommend it as a top spot to take a break.

Louise, Wolverhampton

A bunkhouse or hostel would be perfect for a group of friends getting away from it all for a mad weekend of fun and laughter.

Families, especially with young children, would love a Pembrokeshire farm stay. Animals, tractors, and the chance to collect your own eggs in the morning or help feed the pigs, it doesn’t get much better than this for a little one, or a big one!

Now for the hard part – decisions, decisions!