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Walking in Pembrokeshire

But where do you start? Really it has to be the Pembrokeshire coast; best known for its footpath which winds its way around the magnificent bays and spectacular headlands of Britain’s only coastal National Park.

The 186 mile or 299km Pembrokeshire Coast Path is a strenuous undertaking if you want to complete it from start to finish – you’ll need 10 to 15 days. But most people walk a section at a time always vowing to return and complete the whole path.

The introduction of the coastal bus services has made it easier to walk the coast path without the need to retrace your steps or take two cars.

The landscape of the Pembrokeshire Coast is a spectacular place for walkers to stretch their legs along dozens of Wales’ best beaches, headlands, bays, cliffs, and scenic seaside towns.

National Geographic magazine

As you head away from the coast, a patchwork of footpaths and bridleway unfold across Pembrokeshire, leading you through the Preseli hills, ancient woodlands and down into quiet valleys showing you a side of Pembrokeshire most people don’t see. These routes are just as spectacular as those on the coast.

If you need an accessible path, whether it is for a pushchair, wheelchair or scooter, you won’t miss out on Pembrokeshire’s beauty. Walking Pembrokeshire and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park have been working hard to make Pembrokeshire accessible to all including coastal and woodland walks.