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Beaches in Pembrokeshire

Acres and acres of golden sands backed by dunes like Freshwater West and Broad Haven south or a small, secluded rocky cove, such a Cwm yr Eglwys, perfect for rock-pooling?

Protected by their National Park status Pembrokeshire’s beaches have some of the cleanest waters and sands with many awards to show for it; Blue Flags and Green Coast awards! That makes Pembrokeshire beaches some of the best in Wales.

Beach Awards Information

Blue Flag

In order to qualify for The Blue Flag Award, a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety-related, and access-related criteria must be met and maintained.

The program aims to raise environmental awareness and promote good environmental behaviour among tourists and local populations and best practice among beach and marina management staff.

The prestigious Blue Flag for beaches is acknowledged in 46 countries around the world and is operated by the Foundation for Environmental Education



Green Coast

The Green Coast Award recognises excellent water quality, high environmental standards, and sensitive management of rural beaches.

The award is for beaches that have not only achieved EC excellent water quality but are prized for their natural unspoiled environment. This means that they generally do not have the level of infrastructure and intensive management generally associated with more urban, traditional resort beaches. Because of the nature of the award, you will not find a flag flying but you should find an unobtrusive plaque somewhere.

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Any search for sandy coastal perfection should be contained within the limits of Tenby in the south and Cardigan in the north – the Pembrokeshire coast.

Kevin Rushby – The Guardian