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Activity centres in Pembrokeshire

Staffed by highly qualified adventure experts, activity centres are the perfect way to sample several activities in an adventure packed day, weekend or holiday.

Whether you’re trying a new activity or if you’re looking to push your skills to that next level, activity centres offer a great mix of inspiration and encouragement.

‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ shouts the instructor as I flail around before plunging nose first into the white water. I’m on a beginner’s surf lesson.

Rosie Fuller, for Adventure Travel magazine

Adventure days or half days are available for individuals, families and groups with some centres having the option to stay onsite. There’s usually delicious home cooked food on offer, and the evenings can be spent in front of a cosy fire recounting the day’s events.

Activity centres really are a great place to start your love affair with the Pembrokeshire outdoors.