Top tips for visiting in your

camper van or motorhome

You don’t realise how much you miss the outdoors until you’re cooped up for months on end so it’s amazing to finally be able to explore Pembrokeshire and welcome visitors back.

We live in a special part of the world, much of it National Park.It’s special because it is so beautiful, clean and protected and we work very hard to keep it that way in the hope that everyone can enjoy it responsibly.

Most of you do – and we really do appreciate that.

Sadly, a small minority of motorhome and camper van users have been less than considerate: parking illegally and leaving behind piles of litter and – how can we put this delicately – human waste. Which, you’ll agree, isn’t nice for anyone.

So, if you’re planning a visit to Pembrokeshire, please plan ahead, leave only footprints as your legacy and make your trip a memorable one – for all of the right reasons.

Visit Pembrokeshire. Safely.

Here are our top tips for visiting in your camper van or motorhome to ensure you, and our communities, get the most from your visit.

1. Make it official.

Book a pitch – enjoy all the amenities of a campsite whether you’re after a holiday park or a rural retreat. It’s been a really tough time for campsite owners, and all tourism businesses and they’d love to have you stay.

2. Plan your day.

Book ahead. This can go against the ethos of hitting the road in your camper van but plase make sure you end up in an official site after a day exploring.

Don’t camp overnight in lay-bys and car parks. We understand that they probably have the best views but it’s not allowed and enforcement teams are patrolling, so you risk a fine.

There are plenty of campsites all around Pembrokeshire, many with sea views.

3. Where to stop.

Camper vans and motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes and, with our single track roads, if you’re not parked in official bays it will cause problems.

We have a LOT of tractors, sometimes with wide machinery, not to mention the emergency services & RNLI trying to squeeze past illegally parked vehicles on their way to a 999 call. Illegally parked campers could cost lives.

Please be considerate to other road users.

Useful Parking Information
Motor Homes – Pembrokeshire County Council

PCNPA parking

4. Litter & waste.

Please take all your rubbish with you to recycle or dispose of properly.

If your toilet facilities need emptying please do not use the hedge – yes this is happening – stay on an official site where they have all the facilities to dispose of waste safely that will not harm the environment.

Don’t throw out the dishwater: it’s full of washing up liquid which can damage our pristine environment.

5. Public toilets.

All our public toilets are open and are cleaned to new advanced COVID guidelines issued by Welsh Government. Please use them.

We all get caught short but try and plan ahead – it’s not nice to see people relieving themselves at the side of the road and you could risk a fine if you’re caught.

6. Narrow lanes & tall hedges.

Singletrack roads are commonplace in Pembrokeshire, you must be prepared to stop and maybe reverse for oncoming traffic.

Be patient – it’s all part of a laid back Pembrokeshire life.  A friendly wave as a thank you will also go down a treat.

7. Respect the wildlife.

By staying on a camp site, you’ll help ensure that our wildlife and wild places can feed, grow and rest without being disturbed.

8. Respect others.

Many people visit our National Park for its tranquillity so make sure you don’t spoil their peace.

To help you plan your visit and book your pitches in advance, here’s a list of camper van and motorhome-friendly sites with all the facilities you’d need.


Mid Pembrokeshire

Celtic Holiday Parks

Hungerford Farm Touring Caravan Park

South Pembrokeshire

Folly Farm Holiday Park

The Buttles Caravan Park

Masterland Farm

Swallow Tree Gardens

Well Park Caravans

Wynd Hill Hideaway

Windmill Hill Farm

Gupton Campsite & Farmhouse Accommodation

West Pembrokeshire

Sandy Haven Camping Park

Point Farm Campsite

Nolton Cross Caravan Park

Newgale Holidays

North Pembrokeshire

Lleithyr Farm

Celtic Camping

Fishguard Bay Resort

Top of the Woods

National Trust Properties

For day visits, Broad Haven South, Southwood, Marloes and Martins Haven are good places to visit for a walk and spend the day but none of our car parks accept motorhomes overnight. Gupton Park does but only has room for 6 at any one time.

Motorhome Hire

If you want to hire a motorhome we suggest you take a look at Auto Europe.

Now it’s time for an adventure, exploring Pembrokeshire safely and responsibly. Enjoy.


Respect our countryside – leave only footprints.

Respect our communities – act ethically and support our communities.

Respect our environment – do not litter or foul.