Visit Pembrokeshire. Safely

Welcome back. It's been a while.

We are very much looking forward to your return but understand that you may have some apprehension about your safety. Some parts of our communities are also anxious that the virus could increase once we begin to slowly re-open tourism.

Which is why in Pembrokeshire we have been working so hard to make it safer for you and our communities when you visit.

Putting in place social distancing measures and improved cleanliness to ensure every one is as safe as possible. Making sure “We’re Good to Go”.

Like everywhere things will be a little different so you’ll need to research, plan and book ahead.

  • Accommodation will need to be booked before you travel.
  • Attractions will also need to be booked in advance – check their web site for details as each one will have a different system.

Life in Pembrokeshire is already relaxed but things may take a little longer so please have patience and respect for each other. Just go with the flow.

Everyone loves the coast, as an island nation we’re drawn to it but it can get busy.

Why not discover somewhere different, away from the crowds. Head into our lush green landscape on foot or bike to uncover the real Pembrokeshire: our valleys, hills and waterways. You might find your new favourite place.

Things are changing rapidly so keep checking back for the latest updates.

Please remember that in Wales the social distance is currently 2 meters and that only one household or persons in an extended household/support bubble can stay in the same accommodation.