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Wind blown walks & cosy pubs

Visit Pembrokeshire in Winter

There’s nothing quite like cold air whipping against your face on a wild, windblown walk, or the crunch of frosty grass and icy puddles underfoot before going indoors, shedding your layers with frozen fingers and heading straight for a seat by the fire.

Winter here makes you feel alive. The contrast between being weather-beaten and exposed to the elements, then cosy and warm, is a wonderful part of Pembrokeshire’s character.

Outside, huge Atlantic waves formed by storms miles out to sea batter the coastline and provide ample entertainment from the coast path. They slam into the cliffs with impressive force, so stand back if you don’t want the spray to reach you! Occasionally, these winter storms also bring snow. The white-dusted countryside becomes an incredible sight to behold, and you can be out all day exploring the magical landscapes.

Perhaps you like to finish a walk in a cosy pub with an open fireplace and feel your cheeks glowing as you cradle a hot chocolate, tea or Welsh ale. Or maybe you’d choose to snuggle up on the sofa wearing some winter woollies and relax, cwtched under a blanket in the warm and dry.

Whatever your preference, we have the perfect selection of cosy cottages and homely hotels to keep you safe from the elements, often with wood burners and hot tubs, and many pubs and restaurants where you should try a traditional Welsh Cawl which will certainly warm you through!

Winter is also one of the quietest times to enjoy Pembrokeshire – you can often get landscapes and places entirely to yourself, and find plenty of availability and offers on winter stays or restaurant bookings.

Christmas and New Year are a little busier, but it’s the perfect place for a special gathering with loved ones. After a long beach walk, you’ll find plenty of pubs and restaurants open for Christmas dinner to avoid doing the washing up yourself! If you’re in the north of the county in January, you might also stumble on some traditional Hen Galan celebrations too.

Though it’s tempting to cosy-up and hibernate, there’s still plenty of nature to see, and those with beady eyes will find activities like winter birdwatching a satisfying pastime. Whilst it’s not the right weather for sunbathing, winter is the perfect time for stargazing, as the milky way becomes visible with the naked eye in the many dark sky spots dotted around the county on a clear night.

Visit Pembrokeshire in winter for a peaceful, cosy and unique holiday.

Broad Haven South

"Don’t shy away from encroaching winter: embrace the cold and tempestuous weather by wrapping up and facing the elements"

Alf Alderson, for Wanderlust Magazine