Life's a beach in Pembrokeshire

Relax with family & friends - that's summer!

For long lazy days

Visit Pembrokeshire in summer

After all the rushing around of spring, the heat of summer, fingers crossed, begins to slow everyone down.

Lazy days spent ambling along the coastline, letting the sea air cool you is the ideal release for a busy life.

Summer in Pembrokeshire and the air is charged with the sweet scent of herbs and spread gold with wildflowers.

Kerry Christiani, for Lonely Planet

Families take over the beaches with squeals of joy and laughter heard right across the bay. Children tearing across the golden sand to the tempting sea, only to slam on the breaks as they find the water isn’t quite as warm as they thought!

Evenings are spent in good company, eating the finest and freshest Pembrokeshire food, watching the sun slowly sink beyond the horizon.

It’s the season to kick back, to truly relax and enjoy just being together.