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Visit Pembrokeshire in autumn

Change is in the air, which makes each moment precious. After the sultry days of summer are over, we feel the season’s grip and appreciate what’s around us – the swiftly changing colours above our heads, the berries in the hedgerows, the pleasant smell of fallen leaves and the dwindling hours of evening sunlight – knowing that winter lies ahead. It’s a time to reflect and make the most of the here and now, to relish in the present. 

Early in the season, we are conscious of the last vestiges of summer inevitably slipping away, so do our best to prolong it by escaping into the countryside whenever we can, to enjoy evening walks before darker nights set in. It’s the perfect time to watch brilliant sunsets from our west-facing beaches at a sociable hour – dinner time! – so get out there and enjoy a traditional fish and chips sat on the pebbles as the horizon is illuminated with colour.

Early autumn is often warm and sunny, with September being one of the best months to visit for a combination of good weather and quieter beaches. The air is abuzz with the homely sound of distant tractors bringing in their last grass crops, and the fields are quaintly dotted with bales. We love to reminisce about summer in a coastal beer garden, and get the barbeque out just a few more times while relishing the last few t-shirt days.

Later in the season as the weather begins to turn, it can be an exciting time for storm-chasing and spotting rainbows, as large weather fronts bring interesting skies over the land and sea. The coast path is perfect for a windswept stroll; you can spot hundreds of white seal pups from the clifftops between September and November, and see their parents toing and froing from the sea to feed them.

Inland, the canopies of trees become ablaze with fiery colours before their leaves fall to the ground, crunching underfoot and smelling intoxicating as they gently decay with the season. Our many beautiful woodlands provide ample opportunity for autumn walks to take in the colours and breathe in crisp, fresh air.

Atmospheric mists hang in valleys, flowering plants don their autumn garb and the hedgerows become laden and saturated with the reds and purples of berries. You’ll likely spot a starling murmuration if you keep a look out at dusk each day, as the birds flock towards nesting grounds and huddle for protection against predatory falcons. But it’s not just starlings that are about, there are also plenty of other birdwatching opportunities.

It’s a great time to explore our many heritage sites such as castles and Neolithic structures dotted all around the county, or witness some traditional crafts (which are still going strong!) in the making, like woollen mills and flour mills where you can buy cosy garments and rustic breads.

Autumn is also one of the best times to come for a gourmet escape, with many restaurants having much more availability than in the busy preceding months. The atmosphere in pubs is less frenzied, so you’ll meet plenty of friendly locals to chat to!

All in all, we think autumn is a wonderful time to experience the magic of Pembrokeshire in a relaxing and stress-free way, but for maximum pampering, it’s also a great time of year for a spa break! So, why not treat yourself this year?

Whatever your preference, interests or favourite things to do, Pembrokeshire in autumn has something for you.

Colby Woodland Gardens

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Autumn can be lovely, with the odd golden day for quiet rambles in the Preseli Hills and along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Kerry Walker for The Telegraph