Exploring Pembrokeshire in autumn

Is dramatic & incredibly beautiful

Catch a wildlife spectacular

Visit Pembrokeshire in autumn

It happens all of a sudden. One morning you wake to find a ‘nip’ in the air. The leaves have faded from darkest green to a warm brown.

Autumn has arrived. The wildlife has a sense of urgency, making its final plans before winter arrives. September is perfect for seal watching as they haul themselves up onto secluded beaches to nurture their murky white, incredibly cute, pups.

The coast path makes a great vantage point to watch these gorgeous pups. Remember to bring your binoculars. It’s best not to get too close, it will scare the pup and you’ll have mum to answer to!

We were greeted by a vivid rainbow at the start of today's walk round Dinas Island, and it proved to be a lucky omen as spectacular storm clouds passed overhead, enhancing the wonderful coastal scenery

Andrew Locking of andrewswalks.co.uk

The beaches have become deserted, the families have returned to their busy schedules and you get it all to yourself. Perfect for holidays with your dog.

Lazy mornings are followed by leaf scuffing autumn walks, then settle down to a tasty Sunday lunch or steaming hot chocolate in front of a roaring open fire.

Take everything at your own pace, re-charge those batteries and grasp the last warm rays of the sun before winter descends.

Autumn is a great time to get away to Pembrokeshire.