Dolphins and porpoise

Regular visitors to Ramsey Sound

Nutrient rich waters make for perfect feeding & breeding grounds

Whale, porpoise & dolphin watching in Pembrokeshire

The deep waters off Pembrokeshire, or the Celtic Deep, are the perfect place to see Cetaceans: whales, dolphins and porpoises.

The nutrient-rich waters flowing in from the Atlantic provide for a prolific ecosystem known as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

This makes for the perfect feeding and breeding grounds for over a hundred resident bottlenose dolphins who live permanently in Cardigan Bay, off the North Pembrokeshire coast.

During summer months, hundreds of visiting dolphins can sometimes be seen, many with very young calves.

As well as common and the bottlenose dolphin, sightings might include, if you’re very lucky, minke whale, sei whale, fin whale, dolphin, orca, Risso’s dolphin and basking shark. A blue whale has been reported so too has a great white!

How to see them

Porpoises can be sighted from the shore between Poppit and Strumble. Dolphins can be seen between Poppit and Fishguard. They sometimes come into Fishguard Harbour and Newport Bay.

The marine division of the Wildlife Trust for West Wales, Sea Trust, carry out regular porpoise watches at the lookout at Strumble. They also carry out surveys onboard the Stena Ferry between Fishguard and Rosslare.

The only way to see a whale is to take one of the specialised boat trips who will whisk you far out to sea. Fingers crossed, and toes, there’s no guarantee, you might be privileged enough to see one of these majestic creatures.

Dolphins are easier to find as they are inquisitive and usually come to find you. Pods of up to 500 are common and when they choose to follow your boat, they can be only a few inches away from you. WOW!

Find a boat trip and book your seat for an experience you’ll not forget in a hurry.

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