A spa day is just what you need

Time to relax and indulge

A little bit of luxury

Spa days & spa breaks in Pembrokeshire

What better after a bracing day walking the Coast Path than a soothing therapy or two, or a sybaritic soak in a spa?

Come to think of it, you don’t need any excuses.

So go on, indulge yourself in a spa break, they’re a real pick me up, especially in the winter months when it’s dark outside.

As I floated outdoors in its salt-infused turquoise water, comfortably warm though it was a particularly cold and windy day, I knew I'd found what I always hope to find at a spa. Bliss.

Ferne Arfin, for Guide to UK Travel

Wrap up in a cosy, baby soft robe, leave your cares at the door, relax and let the therapists do their work. It’s ‘me’ time!

Pembrokeshire’s spas can help ease those sore feet, refresh the mind and leave you ‘chilled’ ready to face the day.

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