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About The Narberth Soap Co.

How it all started:

I come from a family of four of which am the only girl. Since a young age I used to spend the weekends at my Auntie Helena’s house, it was free child care and I could spend time with my cousins. She had ten children and it was a heaven for me (actually to us all). She grew, reared and made most things from scratch. I had witnessed her making soap so many times and used to be fascinated by it. Her soap was made using the hot process and she used to use tallow (cow fat) as the only fat and it was a pure white. Nothing fancy like the ones we see on Instagram, but just pure and gentle for the skin.  We as children weren’t allowed to be near her little caldron but only watch…I was enchanted!!! Out of all the children actually, I (the niece) am the only one that become totally entailed with all her “homemaking and growing” things. It was a hard time economically for her with her big family. What she had in abundance was love and the knowledge and it all has been passed on to me. I am still in touch with my 87-year-old auntie and although she is almost blind she knows of my “making” things and is ever so proud of me.

In Pembrokeshire, I now have a bigger garden and love growing vegetables and herbs in an organic sustainable way. It was the next process to take the goodness of these flowers and herbs and put them into my skin care products. So, where possible our botanicals are home-grown and processed.

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Open all year.

You can purchase soaps from our site and choose click and collect to pick up locally. You can see the location where all the botanicals are grown and speak to the creator.


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