Sweet Home Alpaca

About Sweet Home Alpaca

There’s nothing like getting out into nature on your own two feet. And there’s no better company than an alpaca. Get involved! Join us on one of our daily alpaca walks.

When you sign up for our alpaca walks, you have the chance to meet our beautiful alpaca family in the flesh. You’ll get to know the dams (mums), and the crias (babies).

They’re inquisitive, good-natured beasts that are sure to make you laugh. And just like humans, they all have their own special personalities.

We’ll give you the lowdown on all things alpaca. Learn about the history of alpacas, their daily routines, and some fun facts about the animals.

Once we’ve haltered the alpacas, it’s time to go exploring our stunning 23 acres of luscious land. If you’re lucky, we’ll spot some other local wildlife too.

Additional Information

Open all year.

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