Lochmeyler Farm Ice Cream

About Lochmeyler Farm Ice Cream

Steeped in history,  Lochmeyler Farm dates back to the 12th Century and whilst it may sound rather Scottish – we believe the word Loch derives from the Welsh word – Leche – meaning pool (year 6 History project!).

We have over 40 flavours of dairy ice cream and sorbets with 4 award-winning flavours – to our delight one of those being our ‘Traditional Milk’ or nicknamed ‘No there’s no Vanilla in it’ as this flavour, as well as being absolutely amazing on its own, acts as the base for ALL our other Ice Cream flavours.

Our favourite flavours are one’s where we use other local ingredients – such as Pembrokeshire Salted Caramel, Welsh Cake, Marmalade and Christmas Pudding Trwffl – it’s always brilliant when you find and taste something that you know is just going to be fabulous in an Ice Cream.

We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss if we can be part of your journey and story and if you are to become part of ours.

Additional Information

Open all year.

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