Burnetts Hill Chapel

About Burnetts Hill Chapel

Built in cottage style in 1812 to serve the coal-mining community of Landshipping and Martletwy, it has been little altered over the years and has a timeless charm all of its own.

Like so many Welsh chapels, Burnett’s Hill was forced to close in the 1980s for want of a congregation, and it might have become a complete ruin but for the intervention of a group of local people who formed themselves into the Friends of Burnett’s Hill Chapel and set about saving the building.

Useful tip: Bring a small cushion (the pews are hard) and also a pocket torch to find your car afterwards…

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Additional Information

Open from December to December.


Head towards Carew on the Oakwood road. At Cross Hands, turn right just after Canaston Bowl. Follow the road to Martletwy. Keep going down through Martletwy village, with the chuch on your left, and through Weston where there is a right hand bend. After half a mile, you’ll see a post box in the hedge; take a left turn up a sharp hill. Turn left at the top and park along the verge on the right.
Head towards Cresselly on the Canaston Bridge road. At Whitehill, turn left just after the Land Rover Garage. Keep going past the pub at Cresswell Quay and over the narrow stone bridge, taking the left hand fork up the hill and past Pen-quoit towards Lawrenny. At Deals cross-roads keep straight on. Half a mile further on you come to Knowles cross-roads. Turn right and keep going along a narrow lane for a mile and a half until you reach the chapel. Park in the farmyard on the right.