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Created by self confessed seaweed fanatic Jonathan Williams in beautiful West Wales, Jonathan is a multi award winning street food chef with a passion for the way the subtle yet unique taste of laver seaweed enhances and lifts any flavour it surrounds. Based on this theory (along with an epic local pirate story) Barti Spiced was born.

Laver seaweed is hand picked from the Pembrokeshire coast in the same way that the locals picked it to be used for laverbread in years gone by. The seaweed is then infused in an expertly made Caribbean rum, to give body and depth, while enhancing the symphony of classic flavours; creamy vanilla, cinnamon, clove, and hints of sweet citrus.

Barti is as mellow as a West Wales sunset so it’s a superb sipping drink, but equally the vibrant flavours will stand up in a mixer. We like cloudy apple juice, cola or ginger beer, or why not try it in a hot chocolate on those dusky summer sunset nights?

The people at Barti are firm believers in their concept; “content not content”. Find enjoyment in the everyday, everyday.

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