A completely different landscape

Wild moorland with an ancient history.

The Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire, Wales

The Preseli Mountains, or Preseli Hills, whichever you prefer, rise out of the landscape to 536m in the northern half of Pembrokeshire and are in complete contrast to the relative lowlands of the south.  The landscape is wild moorland, heath and grassland and is home to a wide range of plants and invertebrates some of them quite rare.

The hills are the ideal location for some great walking away from the coastline. For the best views in Pembrokeshire, pull on your sturdy shoes and take the short walk to Foel Eryr where the 360 degree panorama leads the eye across the sea to Ireland and Snowdonia, if it’s a clear day.

For a longer stroll right across the spine of the Preseli Hills try The Golden Road. At 8 miles, this ancient track follows a route that is said to date back to the Neolithic period, 5,000 years ago and the main route for travellers in prehistory to and from Ireland.

Along the way, apart from the breathtaking views, there are prehistoric remains, burial cairns dating back to the bronze age, Iron Age hill forts. There’s an arrangement of stones in the shape of an eye known as Beddarthur and legend has it that it’s the resting place of King Arthur. Who knows?

At the eastern end of the Preseli range in the National Park is the fantastic hilltop of Foel Drygarn, a real must see. The Bronze Age remains of stone ramparts, banks and ditches circle the crest adding to the surrounding landscape of natural cliffs and crags.

The Preseli Mountains are sparsely populated but there are a few hamlets and villages dotted over the hills. The northern edge of the hills features a deep wooded valley, the Gwaun Valley.  The village of Pontfaen is home to the famous ‘Bessie’s’ pub where beer is still served from the barrel and in a jug and also Rosebush, with its local pub made of zinc. 

The Preseli Hills are a world away from any other area of Pembrokeshire, although quite small in area, they feel remote and are a wonderful place to get away from it all and sample some Pembrokeshire peace and quiet. 

 Just had a week in Pembrokeshire, just loved every minute, may as well throw my passport away, don't want to go anywhere else for holiday! 
Dorothy, Twitter
Bessie's pub

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