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Information on research, key statistics, data and reports within Pembrokeshire and the wider Wales tourism sectors.

Economic impact of tourism in Pembrokeshire

The Cambridge Model is an economic modelling method that reports the estimated volume, value and economic impact of the visitor economy.

It uses a combination of data derived from national survey surveys as well as locally-derived data from a variety of sources including visitor attractions, resident population footfall data from larger retail outlets, accommodation stocks and occupancy rates.

Economic Impact of Tourism – Pembrokeshire Report – 2020

Economic Impact of Tourism – Pembrokeshire Report – 2019

Visit Wales - Visitor Survey 2019

The overall aim of this study, is to gain a detailed profile of leisure visitors to Wales. It also provides feedback on visitor satisfaction to improve Visit Wales’ understanding of the motivations, needs and behaviours of visitors to Wales.

The study covers three separate categories of visitors.

  1. UK staying visitors
  2. UK day visitors
  3. Overseas visitors

For the first time, the survey includes a qualitative study of holiday makers in Wales, which reveals why visitors feel the way they do about aspects of their visit and provides examples of individual experiences in more detail

Wales Visitor Survey 2019 – staying visitors

Wales Visitor Survey 2019 – day visitors

Wales Visitor Survey 2019 – overseas visitors

Wales Visitor Survey 2019 -qualitative research findings

Pembrokeshire Bedstock Survey 2021