Head out into the great outdoors

Grab the first warming rays of spring sun

As the days begin to lengthen

Visit Pembrokeshire in spring

Spring is the perfect time to walk the coast path and watch Pembrokeshire burst into life.

The bare and quiet hedgerows of winter suddenly echo to the tune of song as the local bird life find their voices. The flowers jostle to get the first rays of the warm spring sunshine and then burst to reveal a riot of colour. It’s a dazzling sight.

Walking sections of the coastal path was a delight, with a profusion of wild flowers and butterflies.

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Migrating birds return home from their epic journeys to the Pembrokeshire islands. A boat trip is the best vantage point to appreciate the numbers of birds, the noise and smells!

Spring is a good time to grab a bargain with accommodation providing great offers to tempt you from your hibernation.

A spring break to Pembrokeshire is the perfect antidote to a long winter.