Football Golf Pembs

Ynglŷn â Football Golf Pembs

Football Golf is the new sport sweeping the country! It combines elements of Football and Golf, creating a fun-filled game that all ages can play.  You use traditional golf rules and etiquette, but a football replaces the golf ball and your feet are used instead of clubs! Come and play this exciting new sport at our brand new 12 hole course with obstacles and challenges along the way.  With no prior experience needed, this is an activity that can be enjoyed by all members of the family.  

Football Golf is ideal for parties, team-building or it can just be played for the fun of it with friends, colleagues or family.  We have a Skills Area for those wanting to improve their shooting and passing skills. Join us soon for a round of Football Golf!

Gwybodaeth Ychwanegol

Open from December to December.