Good doggy manners...

...are appreciated by everyone.

Good Doggy Manners

Plea to responsible dog owners!

There is nothing more sure to cause arguments than fouling by dogs. The owner may believe that his or her pet can do no wrong, but to the person who steps in dog mess, or whose children are playing in the area, there is a definite problem that must be sorted out.

Fouling is an on-going problem in public places and on beaches. The owner is required by law to clean up forthwith when a dog fouls in a place where the public have access. If you allow your dog to foul and do not clear up after it, you may be issued with a fixed penalty ticket by the Dog Warden. Bagged dog waste can be placed in any litter bin or in bagged domestic waste for collection.

Please always read and observe the bylaws and regulations, which apply in public parks, beaches and open spaces. These are displayed at the entrance to beaches and parks or are available from Tourist Information Centres or to download.

Pembrokeshire is a very rural county that is criss crossed with rights of way and paths across farmland that usually contains livestock especially in the warmer months.

If your planning to explore the Pembrokeshire countryside there is a very useful downloadable guide available: The Dog Walking Code. This helps to explain what to do if you're crossing a field with livestock and is very useful in spring when the fields may be full of young lambs and calves.

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Have fun and stay safe.


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Good Doggy Manners - Stackpole Quay
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