Places to Stay in Pembrokeshire

Looking for holiday accommodation in Pembrokeshire? There’s plenty to choose from

From contemporary hotels, guesthouses or B&B’s, furnished with wonderful Pembrokeshire works of art.

Breakfasts made with the finest Pembrokeshire produce, Pembrokeshire offers a wide range of accommodation with options to suit every taste and budget!

The flexibility of a self catering cottage, or a caravan or campsite with a location that takes your breath away a stone’s throw from the sea might tempt you.

A bunk house or hostel would be perfect for a group of friends getting away from it all for a mad weekend of fun and laughter.

Families, especially with young children, would love a Pembrokeshire farm stay. Animals, tractors, and the chance to collect your own eggs in the morning or help feed the pigs, it doesn’t get much better than this for a little one, or a big one!

Prefer to settle in one place for your stay, with accommodation, activities and places to eat all on one site? Then a holiday village could be the perfect solution.

Pembrokeshire offers a wide range of accommodation types and options, for more information on accommodation types please see 'Gradings Explained'.

Now for the hard part - decisions, decisions!

Search for accommodation in Pembrokeshire.

 We visited last May and were so taken by the wonderful people and beautiful area that we are coming back again this May. 
David and Sweet, Louisville TN USA
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