Tiny hamlets, small towns and a city!

Head out and explore our vibrant communities.

Towns and villages

Big or small? Pembrokeshire doesn’t really do big towns, but it does have a city.

St Davids city has just over 1400 residents, making it the smallest city in Britain.

Surrounded by sea on three sides, Pembrokeshire’s towns and villages have a huge connection with the sea, with most communities having been a trading port for one commodity or another somewhere in their past.

Newport on the River Nyfer is a picturesque small market town with a rich history stretching back to the Norman conquest and spent some of its past as a herring port.

Abercastle is a tiny hamlet clinging to a hillside on the north Pembrokeshire coast started life as a trading harbour exporting slate and grain. It’s also famous for being the landing point of the first ever singled handed boat crossing of the Atlantic from west to east.

Tenby is a gorgeous walled seaside town. Originally settled by the Normans, Tenby became a fortified town in the 13th century. Today, its walls surround the cobbled lanes and grand Georgian houses that jostle for space around the iconic harbour and its stunning beaches.

Pembrokeshire's communities are vibrant; filled with community spirit and creative minds who use Pembrokeshire’s stunning landscape to inspire their works of art.

Take Narberth, a small market town in the heart of Pembrokeshire that has become a little bit a shopping mecca for all things Pembrokeshire; paintings, pottery, sculpture, and jewellery makers can all be found in this colourful town.

Use the map below to explore Pembrokeshire’s towns and villages and discover what makes them special.

Fishguard Lower Town
 - Cresswell Quay on the Daugleddau Estuary
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