A boat trip is a 'must do'

Once in a lifetime experiences await.

Boat Trips in Pembrokeshire

A boat trip in Pembrokeshire has many forms.

Bouncing across the waves in a rigid inflatable boat, or RIB, is an exhilarating feeling.

Yes, there's the thrills and spills of a high speed dash across the waves or you can take a gentle cruise into the sunset while watching Pembrokeshire’s famous Puffins or Manx Shearwaters raft off shore in their thousands before heading inland at dusk.

A wildlife boat trip will bring you within touching distance of sea birds jostling for space on tiny ledges on sea cliffs or bring you, literally, face to face with a cheeky Ramsey Island seal who pops up from nowhere to see who’s on the trip today.

If dolphins or porpoises are on your ‘bucket list’ then you’re in the right place.  Take one of the longer trips out to the Celtic Deep to see common dolphin, maybe  Bottle Nose or Rissos dolphin plus you might be lucky to see whales; Minke, Sei and if you’re really lucky a Blue Whale.

Fishing trips are also very popular especially on the south coast around Tenby and Saundersfoot. Its a perfect way to introduce children to the delights of fishing. The boat operators will provide you with all the kit and instruction, you just bring the patience.

There are plenty of boat trips in Pembrokeshire that will give you a wildlife encounter you’ll never forget.

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Boat Trips in Pembrokeshire - Offshore near Ramsey Island
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