Play your part

Making A Promise Together

Pembrokeshire is a diverse and exciting playground for everyone, and we’re very happy to welcome you here.

Whether you’re venturing out into our iconic countryside or exploring local shops, cafes and pubs, let’s pledge to look after each other, to care for our communities, and to protect this beautiful land.

We ask you to Play Your Part…

Out in Nature:

Our appreciation of nature and the outdoors has never been greater, so it’s more important than ever that we take every possible step to preserve and protect our precious landscapes and communities by:

  • Leaving no trace, disposing of all litter and dog waste
  • Staying on footpaths to prevent erosion and crop damage
  • Keeping dogs on leads when needed, and leaving all gates as you find them
  • Only camp in designated campsites and avoid using the landscape as a toilet
  • Enjoy our wildlife without damaging it – leave wild animals and their habitats alone, and leave plants and flowers where you find them


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On our Roads:

Lots of the county’s roads weren’t built for the volumes of vehicles they now experience, so please:

  • Don’t park in passing places – only use designated carparks and laybys
  • Be patient with farm traffic and other vehicles
  • Drive carefully on our narrow roads, near livestock, and in areas where children could be playing
  • Take public transport or park and ride whenever you can, to ease coastal congestion and help us be a greener community


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In our Communities:

Pembrokeshire is full of wonderful, caring and interesting people, who are ready to welcome you to our county. But please think about us when you visit, by:

  • Respecting our people, culture and language, and engage with these things while you’re here
  • Be kind, considerate and patient with busy hospitality staff
  • Drive slowly through towns, villages, and near people’s homes
  • Buy local products, and support local businesses to help our communities thrive
  • Follow the latest coronavirus guidelines, act immediately if you’re feeling unwell, and be prepared to return home if you need to


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