Same us, new brand identity...

We changed our look!

Behind the scenes over the last few months, the team has been busy brainstorming, collecting feedback and compiling ideas for a rebrand. 

After months of hard work, collaboration, and trying lots of different ideas out, we’ve reached a refreshed look and feel that we’re delighted with. 

We’d like to share our process with you… 

Visit Pembrokeshire’s mission is to build a sustainable future for Pembrokeshire’s tourism industry, and to grow this in a way that’s good for everyone. This means listening, filling in gaps where we feel there are opportunities for more, or different, offerings, and really understanding what our visitors want. 

We asked lots of different people about their perception of Pembrokeshire, and what kept cropping up was that it stirred emotions, that it is a place of deep cultural consciousness and pride, spirituality and creativity, connection and transformation.

Pembrokeshire has a way of feeding the soul. 

Made up of many diverse confluences – land and sea, nature and culture, adventure and relaxation, (to name just a few!) – the unique characteristics of our county combine to create powerful effects on people. 

Visitors are enriched, enlivened, and uplifted by their experience and often talk about being ‘changed’ by their stay, leaving with elevated spirits. They go home, but they live life a little bit differently. Equally, locals feel the pull of the county’s magnetism and take immense pride in calling this special region home.

We’ve tried to bring this all together into our new logo. 

Made up of a series of delta symbols (representing change) entwined into a ring, this design evokes the personal transformation people speak of, as well as connection and community spirit, which are already well-known aspects of our county. 

The purple-grey font is inspired by Pembrokeshire’s natural slate, while artistic brushstrokes reflect our thriving creative community. We chose a wide spectrum of cheerful colours which can all be seen in Pembrokeshire’s nature and landscapes throughout the year. 

Bringing all these elements together into a ‘knot’ which echoes the region’s Celtic roots, we’ve tried to create something which encompasses renewal, nature and creativity, as well as togetherness and unity. 

This is important to us because we want to create a brand that everyone can feel part of and which local businesses and organisations will engage with, to help us move towards a One Pembrokeshire approach for sustainable tourism. For this reason, our logo has dropped the ‘visit’, and is now just ‘Pembrokeshire’, which we hope reflects this. 

Our website has changed too, and you might have noticed different colours, images and layouts which will hopefully make it easier to discover inspirational travel advice and locations. 

Our team has worked hard to create this new Pembrokeshire brand. We hope you like it, and that your perception of this beautiful part of the world is the same as ours. 

That’s it from us for now. 

See you out there!