Please respect our land, our communities and each other

As our Coast Path & beaches re-open

We’re thrilled that we can get back outside to explore and who doesn’t love the coast!

As an island nation, we’re drawn to it but it can get busy.

For your maximum enjoyment please remember:

Coast Path.

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path (or National Trail) as you might know it, is open. Teams of Wardens have been working hard, at a safe distance, to clear the path as nature had begun to reclaim it!

The Coast Path is narrow in places and social distance may be difficult at times. Watch your footing as you move aside and please be patient.

For more information on the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and Coast Path visit their web site:


Pembrokeshire has over 50 beaches; everything from tiny coves to vast expanses of sand so you’re bound to find a favourite. If it looks busier than your comfortable with use our beach guide to find an alternative.

Dog friendly.

There are 10 beaches in Pembrokeshire that have either a total or partial dog restriction which leaves another 40 to explore! Details of restricted beaches can be found here.


The RNLI lifeguards patrol on nine of Pembrokeshire’s most popular beaches, every day from 10 am to 6 pm until 20th September.

They are:

Poppit Sands, Newport, Whitesands, Newgale north, Newgale central, Broad Haven north, Tenby South, Tenby Castle and Saundersfoot.

Tide times.

It’s vital that you become aware of the tides in Pembrokeshire – they are BIG and can easily cut you off.

Also, some of our beaches completely disappear at high tide leaving little or no sand – social distancing can then become more difficult.

Time your trip to the beach when the tide is at its lowest if possible. Download your tide time table here.

Litter, BBQ’s & fires.

After a long day in the sun (fingers crossed) please leave the beach as you found it: clear of rubbish.

Please take your litter home (the bins provided at the beaches will get full – please refrain from adding to these as this will create an additional risk for everyone)

Also, please never build an open fire in our landscape or beaches, and think twice before using a disposable BBQ – they create a lot of heat, can damage the landscape and start wildfires in our National Park which is illegal.

Respect the land. Respect the community. Respect each other.