From oysters to mackerel

Where to buy Pembrokeshire seafood

Did you know that in Pembrokeshire as well as having a National Park, we also have the Pembrokeshire Marine Special Area of Conservation?

Covering an area of 138,069 hectares, the vast area is protected in recognition of the rich marine life found around the Pembrokeshire coast and islands and within the Milford Haven Waterway.

Is it any wonder then that Pembrokeshire has a diverse selection of fish, shellfish and sea connected products such as salt and seaweed not only to supply our restaurants but also available to take home from a wide range of retailers.

So if you can’t make it to one of our cafes, pubs or restaurants for a fish supper then here’s our list of where to buy:

Lobster and Mor
Fresh cooked lobster

Lobster and Môr in Little Haven is where you’ll find the freshest shellfish straight off the boat of fisherman Danny Curtis. As well as freshly prepared sandwiches and side dishes to take away, they supply live or freshly cooked whole lobster and crab.

The Fish Plaice at Milford Fish Docks. After some of the best fresh fish and seafood in Pembrokeshire, you’ve come to right plaice – sorry! Highly skilled fishmonger Jan is always on hand to share her knowledge and skills on how to prepare and cook a range of delicious fish and seafood.

Simply Seafoods can be found in the Old Harbourmasters Office on Castle Square right in the heart of Tenby literally a stones throw from the sea. Owner Sarah will be able to help you with local wet fish and shellfish.

Atlantic Oysters
Fresh Rock oysters

Atlantic Edge Oysters grow their Rock oysters on their farm near Angle. The farm sits amongst seagrass beds within a marine protected area and is bathed twice a day by the wild, rich nutrient seas around Pembrokeshire. Find the oysters at restaurants around the county or get in touch with Gavin at Freshest Catch for a home delivery.

Local Saundersfoot fisherman Gavin brings the Freshest Catch direct to your door or he can be found at various locations around Pembrokeshire. Check out their social page for up-to-date locations. You don’t want to miss out.

Also in Saundersfoot at the new Ocean Square right on the harbour, you’ll find the Seafood Deli with a selection of ready to eat prawns, dressed crab, mussels, whelks and cockles plus a live lobster tank.

The Pembrokeshire Scallops dive team handpick each scallop from the seabed which means no damage to the sea bed.  They take only the medium and larger scallops leaving the others to re-populate the beds.  Hand caught scallops available October to May.

Mrs Will the Fish
Seafood platter

Right in the heart of Solva you will find Jan, aka Mrs Will the Fish, she provides dressed local crab, lobster and seafood platters to takeaway but what a take away! Perfect for a luxurious picnic on the beach or an alfresco dinner.

If you are in Fishguard or Dale you may be able to get your fish straight off the boat. Fisherman Dai Morris lands seasonal shellfish on Lower Town Quay in Fishguard and Mark Gainfort lands lobsters from his boat Lily-May in Dale.

Pembrokeshire Sea Salt
Perfect for seafood

And when you’ve got all of this scrumptiousness you’ll need the appropriate seasoning, preferably straight from the sea, so why not sprinkle on a little Pembrokeshire Sea Salt or gently cook in some Welsh Sea Black Butter made with laver seaweed from The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company

Whatever your seafood of choice -enjoy. But if you are looking for something a little different see these dishes.. If you are looking for something a little different, check this out.