Worlds most endangered and unusual species

Welcome to Pembrokeshire's jungle

If you want to meet some of the worlds most endangered and unusual species then welcome to the Pembrokeshire jungle.

Learn to swing through the trees, say ‘hello’ to our Pride of Pembrokeshire lions, enjoy an encounter with very rare tigers and meet a Vietnamese Centipede!

Go wild, plan a swinging day out and explore Pembrokeshire’s growing community of conservation zoos and attractions.

Tree Tops Adventure Trail

If you’re going to explore a jungle you need to know how to swing in the trees. Tree Tops Adventure Trail offers you a birds-eye view of the world, from a monkey’s perspective. Swing high in the trees on their high ropes trail, cross rope bridges and fly like Tarzan. A thrilling day out for all the family.

Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo

When entering into Folly Farm Zoo you won’t know which way to look. There’s a pride of lions with Hugo, the lion king – sorry! watching over his pride of 5 females.  On the Kifaru Reserve, you’ll spot the ‘crash; of Eastern black rhino include Glyndwr a young male born at the zoo – with only 650 animals left in the world, his arrival in 2020 was celebrated.

You can also see sloth, zebras, ostriches, Bactrian camels, bongos, lemurs, meerkats, tapirs, Barbary macaques, squirrel monkeys…the list goes on!

And at Folly Interactive, you can get a really close look at snakes and tortoises, macaws, armadillos, sloths and fruit bats.

Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo
A sloth just hanging around at Folly Farm

The Welsh Wildlife Centre

This stunning centre is at the heart of the peaceful Teifi Marshes nature reserve, spread over 270 acres of woodlands, meadows, a deep river gorge, marshland and reedbeds its a magnet for your more traditional wildlife including deer, otter, kingfisher, squirrels, wading birds, geese, butterflies and Eurasian Water Buffalo! Yes, Water Buffalo in Cilgerran.

The herd owned by a local farmer are a common sight in the summer months as they munch away on willow and reed mace in the wetlands and their wallowing creates pools and ponds, which are perfect habitats for dragonflies, frogs, newts and wetland birds.

There’s literally acres of space for all ‘jungle’ explorers. Hire some ‘bins’ – birdwatcher speak for binoculars – for patiently watching the feeding waders from the bird hides or an explorer backpack full of unusual nature and activities to play around and explore the nature reserve. You could also hire a canoe to quietly paddle or drift down the Cilgerran gorge – watch out for the hippo! (not really)

Manor Wildlife Park

Manor Wildlife Park is a conservation-led zoo set in 52 acres of Pembrokeshire Parkland where you’ll find endangered species from all corners of the world.
Stroll through four unique walkthroughs where you’ll meet lemur and giant rabbits. Nothing beats hand-feeding a wallaby in their walk through, especially when there’s a joey in the pouch. Stroll with Pygmy goats and Cameroon and Somali sheep in the African Village.

Manor Wildlife Park is currently part of the Sumatran tiger European breeding programme, working to safeguard the future of the most enigmatic of species. With fewer than 400 tigers left in the wild, the park will begin a tentative breeding programme.

The Welsh Owl Garden and Zoo
Thor's watching you!

The Welsh Owl Garden and Zoo

The 40 acres of beautiful woodland and gardens of Picton Castle is the last place you’d expect to get up close with Mangrove snakes, Rosella parrots, Agouti, a Southern Ground Hornbill called Thor, a 15-foot Reticulated Python called Daniella and a Vietnamese Centipede with a powerful venom called…wait for it…Cuddles!

The Welsh Owl Garden and Zoo is home to an owl collection, over 30 species of birds plus a large reptile and invertebrate collection. Wildlife experiences are available which allow you to handle some of the inhabitants under the watchful gaze of their handler. I think I’ll give Cuddles a miss!

Dinosaur Park

You can even meet some long-extinct animals in Pembrokeshire at the Dinosaur Park, near Tenby. Over 30 life-size dinosaurs are waiting to meet you along the swampy boardwalk dinosaur trail. Keep an eye out for some dinosaur spotting and an ear out for their calls! T-Rex is always hungry and remember to tiptoe past the spitting Dilosophaur, otherwise, you’ll get wet.

Enjoy your exploration and let us know if you spot any more unusual critters.

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