Teenage friends head onto the water

Let's try paddle boarding

Take four teenage girls plus a brother, some oversized surfboards and the wobbliest of sea legs then let them loose on the open water. The results? Not as bad as you think!

We asked four teenage girls to take a break from their very stressful GCSE revision and blow off some steam trying stand up paddle boarding, or SUPing, for the very first time.

The Adventurers: Ella with her friends, Charlotte, Megan, Lucy plus brother Iolo.

The Challenge: To remain afloat (harder than it sounds!) and paddle around Lower Town Fishguard harbour with the help and instruction of Libby from Board Games Surfing – and in Megan’s case, to keep her hair dry!

Libby runs through the basics

The Verdict: After a tense talk from Libby on the basics where the girls did their best to pay attention, there were a few wobbly minutes clambering onto the board in the kneeling position, but the girls took to SUPing like ducks to water.

SUPing has been gaining in popularity, particularly because it’s suitable for many ages and abilities: perfect for all the family. It takes some strength to do well but isn’t as challenging as surfing.

On a calm day, you can happily paddle to the secluded coves and caves of the Pembrokeshire coast that would previously be inaccessible.

But did it do the trick and keep the girls minds off their upcoming exams?

“I didn’t think about my exams once whilst I was out on the water – it turned out to be a very good distraction! We’ve all agreed to go paddle boarding again at least once this summer along with surfing down at Newgale Beach. After all, we might as well make the most of our 11 week summer holiday!”

Good luck with your exams girls- we’re sure you’ll do brilliantly!

The Logistics:

Board Games Surfing operates SUPing sessions out of Fishguard and other locations on the Pembrokeshire coast all year round and provides all wetsuits, kit and equipment needed.

Inspired to give SUPing a go this summer? Check our list of paddle board providers to find qualified instructors right around Pembrokeshire.

“My favourite part was when we had to change from a kneeling position on the board to a standing position. This involved a lot of wobbling around on the board and as you can imagine a lot of screaming and giggling too! We didn’t see any exciting wildlife but then I think we must’ve scared the wildlife away with all our laughing!”