National Honey Bee Day

Celebrate National Honey Bee Day on Saturday 16th August with a visit to the new Pembrokeshire Beekeeping Centre at Scolton Manor.

This magnificent Victorian mansion is hosting an exciting new education project by Pembrokeshire Beekeepers' Association.

So time to get up close and personal to one of the most important insects in our countryside – the humble honey bee.

Did you know that if one bee were to fill a 1lb honey jar it would need to fly twice round the world! Fortunately bees work in numbers and at the height of the summer up to ½ million bees live in the ten hives at Scolton Manor apiary, behind the bee proof fence!

A live webcam is attached to one of the hives and links to a TV screen in the ‘Bee Hive’, so you can safely watch bees fly in and out. There’s also an internal camera, which gives a bees-eye view of workings inside the hive. 

Honey Bee Day 2

Paul Eades is the Apiary Manager and is one of several volunteers running this project. Volunteers extract honey once a week during the summer, with live demonstrations in the Honey Kitchen. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live demonstration - a clever video display runs you through the process on all other days.  

Working bees will fly up to 3 miles a day to harvest nectar and are great at sharing, if they find a good patch of flowers they will quickly let the rest of the hive know where to find it.

In Crymych local wild plant specialist, Tom Clare, is working with bee keepers and gardeners to help them cultivate early and late season high nectar plants to support the local bee population.

Bees are active from Mid-March to October, so early and late season plants that are rich in nectar yield are crucial to the enable local bees to find food and thrive. So if you’re thinking about new plants for your garden, invest in a plant or two for your local honey bee. 

Tom Clare Honeybee Day

Scolton hives can each produce up to 100lbs of honey, a rich dark colour that is indicative of the wild flowers found in the Pembrokeshire hedgerows. The best news is that this delicious honey can be bought from the Scolton shop and all proceeds go back into the bee project.

Honey Kitchen Demonstrations start at 2pm on Saturday 16th, Sunday 24th and Bank Holiday Monday 25th August.

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