Eat Pembrokeshire at Coast Saunderfoot!

We’ve known for a while that Pembrokeshire is a haven of fantastic producers, but we caught up with Head Chef Will Holland, to tell us about championing local food in ‘Coast’.

Reflected in the panoramic windows of the new Coast restaurant, chef Will Holland grins on the balcony. Behind him the Saundersfoot Bay curves away on either side, pulling your gaze out to the horizon. His phone goes; it’s the fisherman.

Coast Saundersfoot‘He’s out there’, he points at a small chugging boat perhaps a mile off shore.

‘The lobster pots went down this week for the first time this year! And the mussels have just started coming in’.

Pembrokeshire is undoubtedly a haven for excellent produce, especially seafood and Will, as any chef of his calibre would be, is excited to start showcasing it.

‘We did taste tests with Welsh black beef Ribeye’s, I didn’t eat anything else for a week!’ they chose the award winning Eynon’s Butchers to supply them.

Preseli lamb, Bethesda pork, game from the Hean Castle estate behind them, and then the talk runs to eggs. ‘We’re using two types, one that pulls together and poaches perfectly, and another that forms a high mound of rich yellow yolk as you fry it.’

Coast _Interior _2

The landscape is as much a part of the menu as it is a part of the building, which curves in and out of its surrounding with surprising finesse. From Coppet Hall beach it can be barely seen, hidden by broom and rocky outcrops, but from the balcony itself, the sea couldn’t seem closer, more touchable.

‘Normally you move because of a job, you never pick a place and think ‘now I’ll look for work’ but here they’re intertwined. It’sa fantastic location to work, and also live.’

Pembrokeshire is certainly living up to its reputation as an area of outstanding produce and a true gourmands delight!

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 I love Pembrokeshire, it's fantastic! 
Russell CroweHollywood actor

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