Take the tour: legendary south Pembrokeshire

Uncover legendary stories across South Pembrokeshire, where the landscape is magical and the legends fantastical!

Visit castles that have witnessed the birth of kings and the discovery of ‘dragons’, explore enchanted islands said to conceal treasure, and retrace the stories of knights, pirates, monks and mermen.

Pembrokeshire's history is full of wild stories and tall tales - download the stories that accompany this tour. 

Take the tour:

Head west from Tenby towards your first historical hotspot, St Govan’s Chapel – but before you get there, stop for tea and homemade cakes at Ye Olde Worlde Café in Bosherston Better known as ‘Auntie Vi’s’, this charming establishment was run for more than seven decades by local legend Violet Weston, who received an MBE for services to hospitality. Vi passed away in 2016 at the grand age of 95 – her legend lives on at the café.

Ye Olde Worlde Cafe Bosherston

A short distance away is diminutive St Govan’s Chapel, built into a cliff and reached by a set of steps – test out the legend that there are never the same number of steps down as there are up, then find out all about the hermit St Govan, who lived here. Enjoy views of wild flowers dotting the landscape, seabirds in the sky and seals in the lapping waters.

Pembroke Castle

Next, take in history on a mighty scale at Pembroke Castle. One of Britain’s greatest knights – William Marshall – built the castle’s magnificent Great Tower, Henry VII was born here and a ‘dragon’ was discovered underneath the fortress! Explore the pretty town of Pembroke, which starred on screen recently in Me Before You, as well as in the Monty Python movie Jabberwocky.

Original lovespoon

Enjoy magnificent views of the castle as you depart Pembroke heading east. Stop at The Lovespoon Workshop at Inwood for a glimpse of Pembrokeshire’s romantic side, where the ancient tradition of carving lovespoons out of wood is kept alive. Not only for the sweetheart in your life, these spoons are loaded with symbols and hidden meanings and can be gifted to celebrate birthdays, weddings and new babies.

Tenby museum

Loaded with lovespoons, make your way back to Tenby. With its historic town walls and paintbox-bright houses, Tenby is one of Wales’ most charming and iconic seaside towns. Check out the Tenby Museum and Art Gallery, based in the remains of a Norman castle, and send a shiver down your spine on a Ghost Walk with a Blue Badge Guide. 

CAldey Island

From Tenby it’s a short boat trip to beautiful, tranquil Caldey Island. The island has been occupied since the Stone Age and is now owned by Cistercian monks. It’s said that Caldey magically increased in size through the power of prayer in the 6th century! The island has some great walks which lead to the medieval churches, the historic Old Priory and the lighthouse. Don't forget to pick up some monk-made perfume, shortbread and their legendary chocolate before returning to the mainland.

Film buff? If you have longer to spend in the area, take the Hollywood trail from Pembroke to Freshwater West, a beautiful beach that saw the filming of epic battle scenes in Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe, as well as several scenes in the Harry Potter films – somewhere on these sands, the house elf Dobby was laid to rest…

Freshwater West - resting place of Dobby the house elf.

Discover more of the wild stories and tall tales of Pembrokeshire by downloading the stories that accompany this tour or explore more and Take the tour: legendary north Pembrokeshire.

 We visited last May and were so taken by the wonderful people and beautiful area that we are coming back again this May. 
David and Sweet, Louisville TN USA

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Take the tour: legendary south Pembrokeshire - St Govans Chapel
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