Toddler travels... a trip to Folly Farm

We continue our series, Toddler Travels, as two-year-old Lottie takes us on a journey around Pembrokeshire, discovering the many delights it has to offer little ones. This time it’s a trip to the award-winning family attraction, Folly Farm.

Sometimes grown-ups need to hear some plain talking.

Sometimes they need us kids to S P E L L things out for them.

All of my friends at Nursery had been talking about the lions at Folly Farm for ages.

I was starting to feel a bit left out. Why hadn’t I been to see the lions?

I had to come up with a plan.

So, while we were out doing boring supermarket shopping I grabbed my opportunity. On the stand of tourism leaflets there, staring at me, was a Folly Farm flyer.

“Mummy, Daddy,” I screamed, plucking a handful of leaflets from the box. “I want to see these lions. Why haven’t you taken me?”

And just to add to their embarrassment … “You never take me anywhere.”

Apparently, mummy said they had been planning a visit, they’d just been very busy with work.

Work shmerk! That’s a fine excuse. Mummy and Daddy really need to get their priorities right.

So, at long last, we were on our way to Folly Farm. Granny was coming too.  That was good ­– another person to carry me when I got tired.

When we got there a nice lady asked if I wanted a bracelet with my name on… ‘in case I got lost’. Mummy thought that was a very good idea.

I wasn’t the only one excited about seeing the lions so Granny and I voted that we go to see them first.

And so we met the daddy, Hugo, he’s very big and has great hair, mummy Luna and their cubs Zahra, Sola, Alika and Ebele.

Toddler Travels - Folly Farm 1

I wanted to give them a big cuddle, like I do with our dog, but Daddy said they were a bit like our cat called Max – ‘they weren’t the hugging type’.

Ah well.

We stood and watched them while they walked right past us, and then the cubs went off to play.

That gave me an idea. I’d spotted lots of amazing looking playgrounds on our way to the lions. It was time to keep Mummy, Daddy and Granny on their toes while I went exploring.

I was gone for ages. I probably very nearly got lost. Everyone thinks I am little, but I’m a big girl really and I can look after myself.

I bumped into Mummy, who was looking a little fraught, while I was climbing on board a pirate ship.

“There you are. Come on,” she said. “Let’s go and see some more of the animals.”

There are more than 50 different species in the Folly Zoo, with more than 250 animals, but I’ve decided my absolute favourite are the penguins.

Toddler Travels - Folly Farm

I spent a long time watching them swim underwater through a big window.

They looked like they were flying through the water and it looked like great fun. I think I need a few more swimming lessons before I can swim like that.

The giraffes are very nearly my favourites. We went into a big treehouse to see them and they walked right up to us. One of them even sniffed Daddy’s hand.

Toddler Travels - Folly Farm 2

As well as all the zoo animals, there’s the Jolly Barn with lots of farm animals to say hello to.

Even after seeing all the animals there was still so much to do. I had rides on little tractors, played in sandpits, went on a carousel with Mummy and drove round and round on some cars in the Vintage Funfair.

Granny wouldn’t come on the Big Wheel with us because she doesn’t like heights. I don’t mind heights, so we waved at her from the top as we swung in the breeze.

Before I knew it, it was nearly home time but I made sure I had an ice-cream first. A day out would not be a day out without an ice-cream.

On our next visit Mummy said she will take me to one of the Toddler Takeover days.

Once a month, from February to October, the toddlers are allowed to take over (once a week throughout the summer holidays).  

Activities include storytelling, art and craft fun and hands-on experiences aimed at encouraging, educating and entertaining us little people.

With a different theme each month, I say we should go every month!

And Mummy says that we'll have to see the rhino's next time we visit, so I can’t wait to see those.

(Toddler Takeover activities are included in the normal park day admission price and run from 10.30am until 2.30pm.)

What’s your favourite animal at Folly Farm?

Has your toddler got a favourite place to visit? Lottie also visited Carew Castle.

Let us know via Twitter and Facebook, so Lottie can review it!


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Toddler travels... a trip to Folly Farm - Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo
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