Toddler travels...a trip to Carew Castle

Two-year-old Lottie takes us on a trip to Carew Castle, discovering the many delights it has to offer little ones.

When you are two, every day is a new adventure, but some days – usually called the ‘weekends’ or ‘holidays’ – mummy and daddy take me out to new places, and I get to have lots of fun.

One morning I woke up very early, or so I was told. I was raring to go, jumping up and down on mummy and daddy’s bed.  Daddy looked a little tired but I demanded my porridge and toast in a loud, and then louder, voice – just to help him wake up.

As we sat down to breakfast mummy asked me if I’d like to go to a castle.

“Umm, yes please,” I said, as I munched on my toast. I didn’t actually know what a castle was, but apparently there are lots things I don’t know yet.

I had to wait for ages while sandwiches were made, bags were packed – and then checked again, and things were put in the car. Honestly, I don’t know what all the fuss is about when we try to leave the house.

In the car I ate a half a rice cake and threw the other half on the floor. Mummy seems to like picking things up off the floor – she does it all the time.

“Here we are,” mummy said as the car stopped. “Carew Castle. Can you see it?”

I peered through the sunshade on my window. That looks like a funny house, I thought.

Toddler Travels Carew 3

As we walked towards the castle there were lots of colourful flags blowing in the breeze. I had to give every flagpole a shake and rattle, just to make sure they were positioned correctly.

It took quite a long time to get to the entrance, but it was OK because mummy was taking photos. She’s always taking photos.

We met a nice lady and I gave her some money and she gave me a ticket. I’ve still got it in a pocket somewhere.

Toddler Travels Carew 2

We walked through a very big doorway into the castle. I soon discovered there were lots of places to explore and lots of funny, winding staircases. I wanted to run up them but mummy and daddy said I had to go up slowly. They are so boring.

Some of the steps were very narrow but they were fine for my little feet. Coming down was exciting too, even though daddy was holding on tight to my toddler reins.

We found some kitchens, but they weren’t like our kitchen at home. It was dark and damp in there, so I pretended to make mummy and daddy a cup of tea and baked some imaginary bread. Daddy tried to give me a history lesson. It was all very boring so I went back to running around. But I do now know that castles are very old – older even than my mummy and daddy.

Mummy said I didn’t need a toy sword from the shop – even though I pulled six out of the basket to have a look at. There were lots of other interesting things in there, but mummy walked me through it all too quickly.

I said ‘bye bye’ to the nice lady and made everyone laugh when I said: “I'll come back another day.” Saying this sort of thing when you are two seems to make the grown-ups laugh. They are funny creatures.

Toddler Travels Lottie

We then went for a walk. Daddy said we were going to look at the tidal mill. Whatever that is.

I was getting a little tired, well that was my excuse, so mummy and daddy took it in turns to carry me. That way I got a better view of the castle over the walls. By the time we found the tidal mill, daddy was puffing and put me down again. It’s very funny when he starts huffing and puffing.

We never made it inside the tidal mill, because I had spotted something far more exciting – there were people walking around with ice-creams.

“Ice-cream mummy!” I demanded. Now, when you are two and things aren’t going your way, the best thing to do is to embarrass mummy and daddy by stamping your feet, while repeating over and over again what it is you want. If that doesn’t work, start screaming or lie down on the floor, until they surrender.

In the ice-cream shop I found another nice lady. I asked very sweetly: “Please can I have an ice-cream?”

Toddler Travels Ice Cream

We had a nice chat while she scooped some lovely ice-cream into a cone. It was very tasty and I got very sticky. The cone tasted a bit funny so I gave it to daddy. I think my ice-cream was my favourite part of the day.

Mummy said there are lots of other castles in Pembrokeshire for us to explore, and she is going to take me back to Carew in the summer holidays when there will be knights and jugglers and lots of other children at the castle.

I will have to make friends so we can go exploring together and escape from our mummies and daddies. It's always good to keep them on their toes.

Looking for more options? Lottie has also visited Folly Farm and if you have older children, Let's try bushcraft - learn how to make campfires and shelters or read our review of places to let them run wild, run free and let off steam.

 I just got back from Wales and hiking the Pembrokeshire coast. Best vacation I have ever had. 
Beckie Large-Swope, Colorado

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Toddler travels...a trip to Carew Castle - Carew Castle and Tidal Mill
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