Let's try....Bushcraft

While a basic survival course may not be necessary on your visit to Pembrokeshire… it sure is fun!

Join our local wilderness expert, Buzzard Chris, for an informative course in bushcraft skills.

And gain some important knowledge to deepen your connection to and enjoyment of the natural environment in Pembrokeshire.  

Buzzard Chris is our man in the woods. With a long list of skills in teaching bushcraft, outdoor living, woodland crafts and natural history, he’s a handy man to know in the wilds of Pembrokeshire.

Armed with nothing more than an axe, a pruning saw and a knife, Chris will walk you through everything you need to know about thriving in the woods: how to make yourself a shelter, which tree is best for carving spoons and, most importantly, which natural materials will help you make a fire.

Let's try Bushcraft

Out of Chris’ magic box comes a wide range of natural materials that will be your best friend in the wild: Pine resin, coal fungus, old man’s beard… to name but a few of the curious secrets in Chris’ tinderbox.

Bushcrafting is an experience that can be enjoyed by all ages, with lots of different techniques to delight everyone from 8 to 80 yrs old. Even the young ones can learn how to make fire using steel sparks and a cotton bud.

Let's try Bushcraft 2

While older participants can have a go at making fire with nothing more than a bowdrill and a piece of wood. Sounds easy? Trust me, it’s a bit of a work out! And such a thrill when you finally see smoke rising and light your first wild fire.

So what can you expect from a bushcraft course? Activities are diverse and catered to the group. You can choose to learn primitive woodland crafts, knife and axe use, fire making, shelter construction, wild food foraging, archery and much more.

Fathers and sons come together on an overnight adventure, it's a prefect team-building adventure for small and family groups of any age and you'll walk away having learnt something. With so many skills on offer it’s really a case of tailoring the course to suit your group.

The National Trust often offer bushcraft taster sessions as part of their ’50 things to do before your 11 ¾ ‘ programme. Check out events listings at Stackpole Estate and Colby Gardens for the latest dates.

Let's try Bushcraft 1

For a woodland immersion contact Buzzard Chris to arrange your bushcraft adventure in Pembrokeshire.

If bushcraft isn't your thing or looking for more Let's try... adventures, how about indoor climbing or adventurous eating? Remember to share your experiences with us Facebook or Twitter and #igerspembrokeshire on Instagram.

Happy adventures!


  We used to go to Cornwall until we discovered Pembrokeshire :) The most gorgeous place...So much to see and do. And the coastline...Oh wow! 
Nicky Berry

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