Having a hoot!

Prepare to be spellbound: Add a touch of magic to your Pembrokeshire holiday itinerary and spread your wings with some majestic birds of prey.

Treat your family to an unforgettable hands-on experience in beautiful Pembrokeshire surroundings.  

Looking for something a little different? Experience the thrill of a hawk or owl swooping towards your outstretched arm, the rush of air as they flap their wings before gracefully landing onto your gloved hand – it's enough to rival any adrenalin-fuelled adventure.

Pembs falconry

Welcome to Pembrokeshire Falconry. Choose from a full day falconry experience, woodland hawk walk, owl encounter – which is particularly popular with children, or new for this year, a half day where you choose the birds you would like to fly. 

Run by Alex and Emma Hill, Pembrokeshire Falconry was set up in 2005. The couple are very knowledgeable, friendly and professional and tailor all of their bookings to your needs. 

They have a huge variety of birds, including Harris hawks, a Kestrel, Peregrine Falcon, Barn Owl, Great Grey Owl and a very entertaining Crested Caracara called Diego.

What’s even better is that there are no age limits, so this can be a fun day out for the whole family, and there is no charge for children aged under 5. 

“Whether you're 2 or 92, anyone can do it,” said Emma.   

All of the experiences take place in the picturesque grounds of Picton Castle & Woodland Gardens, which makes a great backdrop for photographs, and every session is private. 

Pembs falconry picton castle

Alex can also demonstrate some of the birds’ natural hunting techniques. You'll need eyes like a hawk to keep up with the flight of the Merlin and Peregrine Falcon as they attempt to catch the lure. 

And some of the hawks can even perform loop-the-loop tricks in their bid to catch morsels of food.  

Alex takes photos of you flying and handling the birds, which is included in the package, as well as refreshments.

Pembrokeshire Falconry

"Each bird has its own character and personality and you can build a rapport and have fun with them,” said Emma.

“We have such a passion for our birds and we love to share that with other people.”

There are more chances to see these majestic birds during the summer months - Pembrokeshire Falconry can usually be seen at events at Carew, Pembroke and Manorbier castles - check out their Facebook page for the latest dates.


 Just come back from a week’s break in St Davids - loved the area completely, and the local people are brilliant. Highly recommended is a boat trip to Ramsey Island.  
Adam, Somerset

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