Let's try....indoor climbing

Father and son adventurers, Micha and Lleu, tackle indoor climbing.

At more than 10 metres high, with an added 2 metre overhang for those of you that are inclined, the newly opened indoor climbing wall at Haverfordwest Leisure Centre should pose enough of a challenge for all ages of explorers! We decided to don our climbing gear and check it out with the help of two intrepid adventurers.

The adventurers:

Micha (35) and Lleu (9).

Lets try indoor climbing

Lleu’s hobbies include art and clambering up walls, whilst Dad Micha is a huge fan of the outdoors and keeping active.

The challenge:

To scale any of the 38 routes the climbing wall offers, and survive!

The verdict:

“It’s a bit scary looking up from the bottom but then it’s fine when you’re climbing.” Lleu starts making his way up the blue route, each route is graded and ranges from an easy 3 to a difficult 7c. In no time at all he’s reaching for holds mid height along the wall and doesn’t seem to be tiring! Go Lleu!

Lets try indoor climbing 3

Lets try indoor climbing 4

He’s been coming here to climb with Micha since it opened at the end of last year so he’s familiar with the wall, but not with the new routes - they’re changed every month or so to keep all the climbers on their toes.

Lets try indoor climbing 2

Lleu is well on his way to the ceiling so Micha tells us about taking a one-hour competency test (they run at least 3 times a week) so that he can safely belay Lleu as he climbs without the need for supervision from staff. This means they can use the climbing wall whenever they want to, and don’t need to wait for a class.

Lets try indoor climbing 5

‘The classes are really good: the kids get to belay each other, it’s safe and fun and a great experience. They haven’t taught Lleu to belay me though yet! It’s good practice for drier weather too, when we can go climbing outdoors again.’

Classes aren’t just for kids though - Pembrokeshire Climbing Club uses the indoor climbing wall on Monday nights too.

Lets try indoor climbing 1

When Lleu has reached the ceiling on his route and abseiled back down the wall with help from his Dad, he shows off some of the pretty brilliant knot-tying skills he’s been learning and tell us ‘the best part of climbing is hanging around on the ropes at the top!’

For more information on The Hangout including timing and prices check out their web page

Other climbing options:

The Overhang Indoor Climbing Centre in Tenby is situated right on the award winning Castle Beach and are open all year round. They offer instructor led sessions both on the wall and out on some of Pembrokeshire's beautiful coastal cliffs. It is great fun for kids, adults, groups and parties.

If you'd like to head outside and onto the majestic Pembrokeshire cliffs, there are many experienced and highly qualified climbing instructors just waiting to pass on their knowledge and help you begin a lifelong passion for climbing.

Search for a climbing instructor just right for you.

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 Such a beautiful idyllic place to holiday and I've been visiting every year since I was a child. Would definitely recommend it as top spot to take a break. 
Louise, Wolverhampton

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