Kite surfing

This sport takes kite flying to another level!

Kite Surfing in Pembrokeshire

The thrills of wind power.

Strap yourself in tight if you’re going to experience kitesurfing in Pembrokeshire, one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the UK.

Pembrokeshire just happens to be the perfect location; beaches with great swathes of golden sand such as Newgale, and the all important westerly winds blowing straight in from the Atlantic.

The great thing about kite sports is that you can start with the simplest element, powerkiting. Suitable for all ages and abilities, powerkiting involves getting to grips with setting up the equipment, launching, landing and controlling the power of the kite.

Once you get the hang of powerkiting you move those new found skills onto landboarding  Using an off-road skateboard and a kite you can travel anywhere you want; upwind, downwind or skyward with a huge grin on your face.

Moving onto the water, kitesurfing is the natural next step, which is where those Atlantic winds come in handy. You can choose to cruise the coastline, ride waves or practice huge jumps and complex tricks with the added exhilaration of being on the sea. 

A great introduction to the sport is to have a taster session with one of Pembrokeshire’s highly qualified and experienced instructors who will kit you out with the right gear; a helmet and kneepads. They’ll teach you all the correct safety bits and bobs then send you home wanting more. 

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Kite Surfing in Pembrokeshire - Newgale beach
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