Top 8 surf beaches for bass fishing adventures!

Pembrokeshire is rightly famous for its bass fishing, and has a wealth of readily accessible surf beaches, some of which are many miles long, providing great fishing.

Others nestle in sheltered coves that provide a refuge for fish and fishers in stormy weather.

Take your pick of just a few of the locations that provide great opportunities for surf fishing and longer range beachcasting.

Dale Beach

A good bass storm beach in summer and autumn, Dale Beach also offers the chance of flounders, dabs, whiting, dogfish, mackerel, garfish and the occasional ray depending on time of year. Peeler crab is the ideal bass bait, while lugworm, ragworm and fish strips are often more effective for other species. Long casting is a great advantage here, especially if you want to reach the rays.

Broad Haven

A good surf beach with bass a popular quarry. It is a gently shelving, flattish beach of sand and shingle and so provides good fishing for plaice and dabs. Dogfish, gurnard and a few turbot can also be caught from the beach, where good distance casters sometimes make contact with tope.

Lydstep Beach

Like most west Wales beaches a good beachcasting outfit is a great advantage here. After a storm, the bass come in fairly close on spring tides, but Lydstep is also good for flatties, dogfish and whiting.

Newgale Sands

Attracts many surfers and swimmers, but gives good night fishing through the summer months,  when you can often catch bass, whiting, flatfish and mackerel. The casting is from shingle out onto a sandy seabed; sandeel is therefore good bait for bass and the occasional ray, while mackerel strip or worm baits are better suited to the flatties and for taking coalfish during the winter.

Whitesands Bay

With a beachcaster, you can easily reach deep water from this shelving beach, allowing good bass fishing from early spring to the end of November. Rays can also be caught, in addition to flatfish such as plaice, flounder and the occasional turbot. It is a good winter venue for whiting, cod and coalfish. Fish baits do well; sandeel and crab are particularly good for bass in the surf.

Newport Beach

A big beach offering plenty of scope, either with a beachcaster or smaller rod while wading. The summer months see bass moving into the Nevern estuary, especially in stormy weather, but there are plenty of flatfish near the river mouth and sometimes rays close to the shore. Bass can be caught on the fly in the estuary, but an Environment Agency rod licence is required to catch sea trout.

Beach Fishing

Marloes Sands

This productive beach is particularly good when there is an onshore breeze or just after a storm. Bass is the main quarry, but good catches of flounder are also possible as well as dogfish, mackerel and the occasional ray, if you can cast far enough. Peeler crab, small fish baits, lugworm and ragworm can all be effective in the surf.

Poppit Sands

Good catches of flounder, cod and whiting in winter. Crab, squid or small fish baits work well. Mullet can be caught near the river mouth. Salmon and sea trout run the river from March to October; an Environment Agency rod licence is necessary if you want to try for sea trout on the incoming tide.

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 [Pembrokeshire] very much like the coastal beaches of Australia. 
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Top 8 surf beaches for bass fishing adventures! - Newport Parrog
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